Message from CEO

We instituted a small agro based jute products mill sixty years ago. The arduous journey towards our dream of becoming a formidable international industrial and trading conglomerate was actualized with the formation of Indus Group. The transition from a small agro business to an industrial conglomerate has been realization of a vision to attain greater imminent breakthroughs. This is also a paramount milestone in Indus Group’s endeavor towards achieving excellence in accordance with our vision and mission statements.

We now continue with zest and zeal towards our journey to achieve higher goals; with fresh insights, working passionately to progress. My experience with industrial growth and innovation has been challenging. The ultimate aim to create a flourishing niche for the organization long into the future compliments our dream to bring innovation in the foreground to create a unique global value chain for our products going global. We have been successful hitherto. This comes as a result of efficient synchronization of accomplished human resources and state of the art technology. Our strong business ethics are the corner stone of our industrial foundation. We have been highly following one simple rule on the human resource side which is to build trust-ability among each other and this rule has also been proliferated to building cohesive partnership with out valued business partners.

The Indus Group has established standards of excellence in building expedient technology. We draw natural resources to produce consumer products fir the people; therefore it is imperative for us to pay back to the nature and environment. The Group has top prioritized the radiation of corporate social responsibilities towards nature and people. We are committed to sustainable development bu establishing ourselves as a a responsible corporate entity.

We continue to venture in a number of core industries where our clear vision and strategy is to satisfy our customers. We are leveraging synergies across all our groups to improve our key internal operations and to enhance core competencies of our professional staff. We consistently focus on customers satisfaction, partner trust, supplier confidence and prosperity of the employees.



   Malik Muhammad Asif
Indus Group of Companies.